The Destruction of Civilization

If you want to destroy the civilization of a nation, there will be three main ways to do so, as follows: destroy the family, destroy education, and discredit exemplary figures and religious leaders. In order to destroy the family, you have to undermine the role of the motherand make herfeel ashamed of being a “housewife” until she can no longer bear stayingat home; so the mission achieved by the mother is lost.

In order to destroy education, you have to undermine the role of the teachers and underestimate their position in society until students despise them and their knowledge; so the mission achieved by teacher is lost.  In order to discredit exemplary figures and religious leaders, you have to discredit and underestimate the senior religious leaders until they are no longer listened to and they are no longer followed by anyone; the religious mission achieved by the religious leaders is lost.

If the roles of the caring mother,the honest teacher and the exemplary figure are undermined, then the civilization shall be destroyed.  We must take these words into considerationand pay attention to them in order to create close-knitfamilies and new generationsfor a promising future in the Arab region. The father and mother should bring up their children well to be the men and women of the future. The fathers should fosterthe noble and deep-rooted valuesin their children, so they become decent and clean people, whohold high morals and avoid unnecessary troubles.



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