Daily Archives: Thursday March 22nd, 2018

The restricted area of conflict peak

By Dr. Ahmad al-hajj Ali  At this very moment and in both the military and the political dimensions,  the factual realities of the on-going conflict  are compressed to the limited peak area the conflict  has settled in. This limited area is too small to provide any further cover for the perpetrators. They can no longer hide or take cover under ...

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A dangerous American movie targeting Syria

The Chinese Intelligence revealed details of the largest intelligence operation carried out by the film company “Metro Goldwyn Mayer” in US famous Hollywood studios to serve political agendas. A spokesman for the Chinese Intelligence Service Zonko Kingpau unveiled that “this project aims to film cinema operations showing scenes that look similar to the fake process of toppling the regime of ...

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Join the North Front

Written by: Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi Long live Arabism and righteous struggle .. The National North Front to resist Americ is pleased to present  itself to the great  patient Syrian people led by President Bashar al-Assad ,as a young front  which is found by young Syrians to resist the American occupier. To all the young Syrian ,especially those from the Euphrates ...

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