US intelligence: game over for the Syrian opposition!

“The armed opposition has lost its capabilities over the past seven years and is now incapable of overthrowing President Bashar Assad,” said US National Intelligence Director Dan Coats.

“The conflict has turned the balance in favor of the Syrian government,” according to a report prepared by Coats to the US Senate Armed Services Committee that the committee published on its Web site. “The armed opposition that has been active in the country for seven years is no longer likely to overthrow President Assad, or overcome the superior military forces and equipment.

” Coats added “President Bashar al-Assad may be involved in peace negotiations, but he is unlikely to give up power or make important concessions to the opposition,” In addition, Coates pointed out that the ISIS fighters will continue their attacks throughout 2018, despite the heavy losses they have suffered in the country.

Source: Interfax



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