Soldiers’ Roar will Liberate Al-Ghouta, No Settlement!

The whole world is hearing the loud roar of the soldiers walking with steady steps and threatening the inevitable destructive fate that all the underground-hiding people in Ghouta will face. The soldiers look as if they are angels crowded to take the damned souls and bring them into the torments of hell.

The towns of Ghouta are liberated one after another in the midst of the total confusion and successive collapses in the ranks of the terrorist groups. In Rub’ al Khali, Saudi Arabia is gnashing its teeth with anger and outrage for “Duma” the stronghold of its spoiled brat, Jaysh al-Islam militia, is closer than ever to be liberated by the Syrian Arab Army.

The popular strongholds of the armed insurgents haveturned against them and organized protest demonstrations against terrorists inside towns controlled by latter. They have raised the Syrian flag with two green stars, shouted the slogans of national unity and vilified the false “freedom” for which the terrorists called.

As for the Americans, the Marlboro cigarette no longer serves the purpose to relief their nerves ragged by the Syrian war. Instead, to smoke the Syrian-made “Alhamraa” cigarettes and conclude a settlement agreement with Damascus and its allies may be the solution for the Americans toeventually soothe their ragged nerves.

In short, all field and political events and developments indicate that the speech of victory will soon be made by President Bashar al-Assad, regardless of timing.

The scene of President al-Assad walking confidently in one of the towns of Ghouta may be repeated, similar to what previously happened in the liberated areas that the terrorists were betting on the impossibility of being defeated.



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