USA losing ground

CIA Director Mike Pompeo said in a lecture on the situation in Syria: The participation of Russia in the violent shelling of the eastern Ghouta led to a large control of the Syrian army on it, eastern Ghouta will fall in the hands of the Syrian army and  the Russian one  ,then Jobar will automatically fall ,after that Damascus and its countryside will become under the control of the Syrian Arab army.

It seems that Russia has come to stay on the Syrian coast, as there are 50,000 Russian troops at the naval and air base, with building projects for their families in large plains around the Russian bases. What President Putin is doing to provide military support has made President Assad a victor in Syria. Pompeo thinks that resolution (2254)  has fell and that President Bashar al-Assad will no longer negotiate with the opposition because he took full control now. “The Russian army has now a major strategic center on the Mediterranean, threatening France and the coast of Europe after the Mediterranean was limited to the presence of NATO,” he said, adding that president al-Assad will always have the Russian support , and that President Putin has cheated his enemies by launching the initiative of military De-escalation  zones while he was  preparing for the most violent attack on eastern Ghouta.

Pompeo added: “We have to work to get Turkey back and the price that Turkey wants is to remove the Kurds from its borders and limit them in northern Syria, and I raised my report to President Trump, who has to make the decision after  I spent  five hours with the Turkish president discussing the Kurdish issue and the establishment of a Kurdish state in northern Syria on the Syrian-Turkish border.

Pompeo concluded his lecture by proposing the following points:

  1. America’s declaration of a ban on overflight over Syria, even if that led to dealing with Russian aircraft.

  2. isolating Iraq completely from Syria and assigning the American air force in Iraq to strike all the convoys that cross into Syria.

  3. The American army in northern Syria shall invades Aleppo countryside and thus America will take over 48% of the Syrian territory. Finally, I say that President Assad will no longer negotiate with the opposition. Unless the United States takes these measures, Syria will return to be a center for Iran and a center for arming Hezbollah. .




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