Justice and Development Party (AK Party) – UnderminingThe Foundations of the Republic of Turkey (Part 5 out of 16)

By “Ahmad Sulaiman Al-Ibrahim” – a researcher on Turkish affairs.

 It worth mentioning that humanity went through three intellectual stages which are:First, the pre-modern era this lasted until the sixteenth century. Second, the modernity and enlightenment erawhich came as a result of the rise of Bourgeoisie in the stage of its progress, its need to break the church dominance, and its quest to establish thesupremacy of reason and rationality. This era continued until the end of the Second World War. Then it isfollowed by the third era which is the postmodern erathat was brought by imperialism in the stage of its deterioration andbrutality, and its need to open the borders to free marketswhich require dealing a blow to the national state system.  The most important foundations of this project are:

– To reject modernity and its vocabulary, such as reason, secularism, national state and citizenship.

–  To use lies and deception to maintain power.

–  To impose religion on common people, not on rulers.

– To forcibly controlthe human aggressionthrough a strong repressing state.

– To belief in the American leadership of goodness.

Samir Amin believes that the supremacy of postmodernism in the theoretical aspect is accompanied by reaction movements that call for going back to the pre-modernism in the field of social reality. Hence,we find the remarkable correlation between the supremacy of the postmodern discourse in the ideological field and the supremacy of pre-modernismin the social activity field.

It worth mentioning that when we address the postmodern trend that belongs to the neo-liberalismrealistically and ideologically, we must take a neutral position regarding the post-modern intellectual, philosophical and artistic visions and attitudes.

This is based on theconsideration that part of these visions and ideas did not aim when raised at increasing the aimless wandering and dispersion of humans, and consequentlyalienating and dominatingthem intentionally or in a pre-planned way,as much as they aim at representing the reality of humans’ wandering cases without focusing on searching about the reason of the emergence of these irrational cases.

While, at the same time, we find those fullyexploited by the monopolistic capitalist forces for theorizing in this irrational trend at all political, intellectual, social, economic and marketing levels, especially at media level, in order to keep common people or citizens away from knowing the real causes of their wandering.

The second point to which we should refer while we describe the Justice and Development Party as a postmodern party is thatwe do not mean that Recep Tayyip Erdoğan studiedthe postmodern ideas and terminology and founded this party upon which. However,the Justice and Development Party was founded in Washington by the neoconservatives by depending on the cadres of the Anti-Communism Association of Turkey and the Turkish Student Federation. They bothare considered as the most important NATO cells in Turkey that were used against the Soviet progress and the spread of communist thought in Turkey and the Middle East in general.

In fact, the Justice and Development Party did not come to power by itself, but through a coalition that consists of thecadres of the Turkish National Students Federation (Abdullah Gül, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Ahmet Davutoğlu and Numan Kurtulmuş)in addition to the cadres of the religious group of (Fethullah Gülen), who were members of the Turkish Anti-Communism Associationsthat were founded by Cemal Gürsel, Adnan Menderes and Celâl Bayar, and then included Süleyman Demirel and Turgut Özal.

Recai Kutan, the leader of the Islamic Felicity Party, was the president of the Anti-Communism Association in Diyarbakır, while Fethullah Gülen was among the founders of the Anti-Communism Association in Erzurum.



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