Similarities between Columbus story and our present situation

When Columbus discovered the Americas, the continent was inhabited by the indigenous people known as “Red Indians”.

According to some stories, Columbus has threatened the Red Indians that he would steal the Moon if they refuse to provide him with enough food and supplies to feed his crew members and keep them alive.

At first, the Red Indians would not believe that this pirate was able to carry his threat through.

Earlier, Columbus had learnt from some  of the astronomers accompanying him that a full Moon eclipse would take place within days.

When the Moon eclipsed and was no more visible, some of the poor Indians rushed to Columbus and begged him to bring them the Moon back, pledging that they would do whatever he asks them to do and would fully obey his orders.

When the eclipse was over and the Moon shone again, the poor people thought that Columbus has brought it back to them.

Thus, the Red Indians got their ritual festivities dedicated to the Moon, but have lost an entire continent with gigantically abundant  resources.

The Arab scholar and philosopher Ibn Rushd says:

Trading in religions, within ignorance-dominated communities, is a lucrative  business.

If you want to control an ignorant people, all you have to do is to wrap up the corrupt teachings with a thin veneer of religiosity. This trend was later on know with the name of “political Islam”.

Columbus followers are, unfortunately, still to be found in Iraq. And we are still Red Indians.

Translated from Arabic by Syrianfacts



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