A secret French report reveals some of the facts about the 2006 war on Lebanon.

The Axis of Logic Centre based in Massachusetts, the US,  made public a French report that has so far been kept secret about the Israeli war on Lebanon in the summer of  2006, detailing thereby several hidden facts as well as the direct and indirect  reasons behind that war.

In an abstract  run on its website, the Centre said that the renowned American BraianHarring, who is an expert in security issues, has got a copy of the original 300-page French report during a stopover in Paris while he was en route to Moscow in a business trip. The report contains photos, maps and a lot of diagrams and infographics.

According to the abstract, translated from French into English by Harring himself, it was the Israeli Intelligence Service the Mossad who have assassinated the late Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri. The report concurs with many several other media reports, most notably of which the one written by Seymour Hersh, that the Israeli war on Lebanon in 2006 was not waged as a direct response to the abduction by Hizbollah of two Israeli soldiers on July 12, 2006, as previously alleged. The war has in fact been  pre-planned and arranged for in advance by Israel and the US who have been in agreement on this issue. In this context, the report notes that the United States has informed Israel that it would not be able to supply the latter with ground forces due to its quandary in Iraq, but would surely supply all sorts of weapons and munitions, including conventional bombs, cluster bombs and other military munitions necessary for this planned “Blitz Krieg”.

Presenting a detailed account of the daily events of the war, the report notes that Israel’s real losses are astronomical if compared with the official account officially admitted by the Israeli government. In this respect, the report asserted that the casualties among Israeli  military men numbered as high as  2,300 (two thousands and three  hundreds were killed), 600 of them died in the hospitals of severe injuries. Back then, Israel has claimed that only 119 of its men were killed. Out of the 700 severely injured military people who managed to remain alive, some 65 were killed in a harrowing way under the rubbles of the civilian Lebanese houses that they have taken refuge in but were pounded by anti-tank rockets. The report, moreover, claims that during this war, Hizbollah has targeted  an Israeli military hospital in Safad, where several  wounded soldiers are believed to have been killed.

As for the casualties among Hizbollah, the report bases  its information on two main sources, namely the UN and the Lebanese government, which was not in good terms with Hizbollah back then.  The casualties among Hizbollah fighters were put at 50 by the UN and at 49 by the Lebanese government sources, the report says.

According to the report, some 65 Israeli tanks and armored personnel carriers were totally destroyed, including  the 38 Mirkava tanks that have been blown into smithereens by anti-tank rockets. Fifteen other tanks were destroyed by roadside explosive devices. The tanks and armored personnel carriers that have been severelydamaged  number as high as 93.

According to the report, 24 Israeli officers or soldiers were killed  on board Sa’ar 5 when hit  by  Hizbollah fighters on July 14, 2006, three days into the war. Back then, Israel put the number at only four  casualties.

As for the munitions  used by Israel during this war, the report revealed that the Israeli air force  has conducted some 12,000  airstrikes. The Israeli Navy  fired 2,500 shells and rockets, while the ground forces fired 100,000  shells.

After reading the data of this report, can any one any longer describe as “an exaggeration” the statement made by the commander of the resistance when he said: “ I think that we are the generation that would pray in al-Quds (Jerusalem)”.

Translated from Arabic by Syrianfacts



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