Post-GhoutaLiberaation Prophesies – 1

By Dr. Ali al-Shoeibi

Can the ordinary Syrian, who is closely following the on-going events in his country, talk about “Post-Ghouta Prophesies”?

No sooner than the Syrians feel optimist as they see a glimmer of hope that this unjust war waged against their country is finally drawing to a close,  than some new vile paws are developed.

Their enemies would each and every time overtly  show their utmost belligerence that has been in hiding.

The Syrians know that their enemies never sleep and are always lurking in the darkness. They know that US-based conspiratorial circles can not be trusted.

They equally know that resistance is less costly than subservience.

This is what Presidents Assad, both the father and the son, have taught them and provided evidence to.

That is why,  the Syrians, as they should rightfully do, remain vigilant to foreign belligerence.

From this war, they learned that the next confrontation would be much easier.

It would be easier for them to fight off and more difficult for their enemies to wage.

This is how post-Ghouta looks like

With God on their side, the Syrians would move from one war to another.

The next war might be yet fiercer, but they would prevail.

Do you know why? Because God is with them and they are with God.

God would continue to side with those who have been treated  unfairly, no matter how much Bedouin Arabs may pay to Mr. Trump.

Translated into English by Syrianfacts



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