We are not alone in the battle

There is hardly any people who have escaped their cunning guile. Even France and other European people have been suffering from the cunning guile of  Zionist Jews since the Medieval ages and till the present day. No one may “excel” the Zionists in blackmail and exploiting their victims.

Their prey today are the stupid Kurds. The Zionists  have charted some hidden plans for them to trap them and pushed the Americans to tempt them with some salivating false promises. Foolish as they are, they have been intoxicated with these false promises. They have been fooled because they have not read what  Goethe has purportedly said of them:

They are more beastly than beasts

The people hate them,  I hate them and God hates them. The entire world should hate them.

We, in Syria, can bear witnesses  to the unspeakable blackmail by those Zionists of the Kurds. With their insinuations, they fill their hearts with deep hate towards the Syrians.

Because of their  foolishness, Efrin was lost to the Turk. God save us as what more they would do.

If this was a  miscalculation by the top tier leaders of the Kurds, one would legitimately ask: Then what about the rest of the Kurds? And where are the patriotic Kurds? For how long shall they remain silent?

The Author: A free Syrian Kurd

Translated from Arabic by Syrianfacts



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