Daily Archives: Monday April 2nd, 2018

Post-Ghouta Liberation Prophesies – 2

By Dr. Ali al-Shoeibi The Zionists cunningly scheme hostile plans and the Americans carry these plans through across the Arab world. Their plans work out everywhere. So, they can not understand whydo they fail in Syria. The idiots do not comprehend  what the national Syrian Arab awareness  means. They do not comprehend that the fiercer the vile onslaughts on Syria ...

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The successful

By Dr. Ali al-Shoeibi For the successful, there is nothing “impossible.”  Successful people may temporarily encounter certain difficulties, hurdles or impediment, but they soon overcome them and prevail. They may re-think their attitudes, they may re-assess their calculus, they may experience many things, but they keep walking down their own path steadily and firmly. Syria’s war on terror and Takfirism ...

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