French historian: President Bashar al-Assad is the first Arab leader to triumph over global decision-making centers

in an interview with France 24, French professor “Olivier Roy” said that President Bashar al-Assad will be the first Arab leader to win over the global decision-making centers.

In the interview Prof. Roy – who is an orientalist,a French thinker , has PhD in political science and one of the greatest contemporary historians of conflicts in the Muslim countries – Says to the announcer:

I am about to witness the first victory of an Arab leader , that is Assad ,on the world’s decision-makers. announcer responder: Is not this an exaggeration while we see the number of victims is increasing ? Roy answered: “I’m a witness…I am not talking about what is right and what is wrong…The UNSC hopes to reach a decision that restores these states’ prestige after their open challenge to Al-Assad, where is the exaggeration when the UN Security Council which held unrelenting Arab-backed sessions on Syria for months has failed to take a decision of direct confrontation with Mr. Al-Assad, while a resolution to launch a war on Afghanistan was endorsed by the UNSC in just two hours and a half.” The announcer asked: why you are talking about confronting Assad, and not confronting Syria? Roy replied: Now, it is turned into a personal revenge.

The Arab and world leaders seek only to subjugate Al-Assad’s pride. in my turn I ask: if Assad is really weak and if he will fall soon, even in two weeks as they have repeatedly said, then why when they’re asked about military intervention, they rush to answer: “there’s no possibility of striking Syria.” ,is that because NATO planes have no fuel or because they really know that Assad added a new technique to his father’s policy? Al-Assad Sr. had sharp tough features and replies ,his calmness could drive you crazy, Assad Jr. contains you when you are out of your mind with his comforting facial features while keeping all qualities of his father from toughness and strength ..

I tell you President Assad still has many papers in his hand to keep them away when they approach more than he wants. This is in my opinion a point of strength, not weakness. No other Arab country could survive all this time after the West decides to destroy it like Syria did . I say Syria now .. because President Assad has the “Ace” in his hand today, which is  the support of the majority of his people as he owned that to them in his last speech. Dear Sir, today all the world , even those in the northern pole know Bashar al-Assad … they ask when he will fall and why haven’t he  fallen yet this time he turned to be the most famous personality in the ideas of people and  believe me this is a characteristic of the strong only.




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