The Invention of a Device that Controls Human Desire

Specialists from the Russian “Rosatom” state corporation of atomic energy have developed a device to register super weak biomagnetic fields, which render it possible to expose the “desire center” in the brains of living organisms. The device is based on a method of superconductive magnetometrics and registers extraordinarily weak magnetic fields in a non-invasive way, which would enable scientists to identify desire centers and even control them, scientists told “Novosti” Russian agency.

The weak magnetic fields that originate in the brain are identified by a device called MRI scanner.

It is well known that the intensity of the biomagnetic filed that is transmitted by the brain is a million times weaker than the strength of the earth’s magnetic field. Therefore, it can be registered only by using special measuring devices that use sensitive electrical conductors.

As a result of using MRI of the brain, scientists receive data about the current mental processes of the brain. After processing these data, scientists try to identify the areas in the cerebral cortex that are responsible for sending very weak magnetic signals including the information sent by the centers of desires.

Source: “Novosti”     


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