Trust in God is the Way

A man asked a sailor: “where did your father die?!”

“In the sea,” he replied.

“And where did your grandfather die?!”

“In the sea,” the sailor replied.

“And you still sail across it after all this?!” He wondered.

The sailor smiled and responded with a question, “And you, where did your father die?!”

“He died on his bed,” the man replied.

“Where did your grandfather die?” the sailor asked.

“On his bed,” the man replied.

The sailor walked back to his boat, saying: “And you sill sleep on bed after this?!”

If you intend to go into a matter,

Let trust in God be the way.

Iftimes get hard,

Ask thy Lord to make things easy for you.

Don’t worry for being poor,

Sparrows could make living as eagles do.

Be careful, God knows the treacherous look of the eyes

And whatever the breasts conceal.

Be thankful as long as you live,

And be sure that what goes around comes around.

If this life is too easy, patience will not be one of the gates into Paradise.

Once, a good righteous man was asked, “What is the highest degree of patience?”

“To stand the tests of life with a thankful heart for God,” he replied.

Do you mourn for a mortal life?!!

Do you forget the eternal paradise?!!

Do you get upset and Allah is thy Lord?!!

Do you cry and Allah is thy Protector?!!

Grief is overcome by praying to God

Joy comes by supplication to God

Prayer makes you chaste, innocent and happy.



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