Global Britain

Written by: Thierry Meyssan


The UK involvement with the war planning on Syria , was nothing but a try to enable the Muslims brotherhood to be in control . None the less during the recent months a retour has occurred in the main interests of London . which made its only purpose of involving in this conflict is to weaken Russia.

Theresa May the prime minister , defined the headlines of London’s foreign policy , right after the UK  had left the European Union , and so did the General Sir Nicholas Carter the  British Army officer ,further explained her words to the Royal united services institute ,with a single modification regarding the relationships with China . lady May intends to revive the united kingdoms , through adapting with the modern glob demands (Global Britain) in a way that she’s working on energizing the world free trade , solely by sea trading , not the transportation lines that china started constructing under the common name “silk road”.at the same time she’ll unleash all possible operations that could accuse Russia with most hideous crimes , in order to exclude it from the security council . the concept of “Global Britain “ recalls the image that push J. had in mind of a unipolar universe . except for this time it’s the UK not the USA plans of ruling the universe , it’s a concept against democracy , that can’t be imposed but with force.

And from this perspective , the “Global Britain” concept we shall try to comprehend the three attempts for a chemical attack which were held in Ghouta under a fake flag . attempts that were scuttled by the Syrian intelligence after the seizure on a secret chemical laboratories located in aftaris and chiffouniah , through this perspective as well the case of the traitor Russian spy “Scribal” who was exposed to a chemical attack in Salisbury . UK was blown out with the modern weapons Russia had overspread in Syria  , So they decided to start release new Modern technologies , as well as their convince that the war on Russia will demand land troops Especially in Central Europe . which will consequently force the army to break with its current formations , and to form a new massive formations . even though General carter believes in the wining of any “good war” through Media , More than in winning on battlefields , and So he formed an irregular unit “Brigade 77” that it’s Interrogator soldiers did design the logos for Jihadists . which is collaborating with the 361st Civil Affairs Brigade  in the USA . such methodology was applied also to the companies that were established by the Britain intelligence , Like MA6 by way of example, not exhaustive enumeration , the whole deal of Jihadists Logos in Syria .

Source “Alwatan”



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