The world is once again bipolar

Written by: Thierry Meyssan


While the experts were wondering about the possible evolution of the world order towards a multipolar system, or even a simple tripolar system, the sudden advances of Russian military technology force the return to a bipolar organization .

It has become clear, according to US generals on the ground, that the Russian army now has conventional forces which are more efficient than those of the USA. However, their Pentagon counterparts still have their doubts about this progression, so sure are they of remaining militarily superior for all eternity.

According to them, it is simply ridiculous to compare the two armies, since theirs has a budget eight times greater than the Russians. Yet never in all of military science has the performance of two rival armies been compared by the amount of their budgets, a fact that Vladimir Putin pointed out by noting the exceptional quality of his soldiers compared with those of the United States. In any case, while the Russians are a little better in matters of conventional warfare, they are unable to deploy on several theaters of operation simultaneously, and Washington conserves its nuclear superiority.

It was precisely at this moment that President Putin chose to contest US nuclear superiority. During his speech before his Parliament, on 1 March 2018, he announced that his country is in possession of a terrifying nuclear arsenal. According to President Putin, Russia has reduced the size of nuclear reactors, so that it can be used as engines for cruise missiles, unmanned  aircraft and submarine at the same time, and noted that Russia has intercontinental ballistic missiles,that are able to get out of airspace, and then escape from any anti-missile, then dive back into the atmosphere, reach its targets safely ,and also possess a system of missiles that are fired from a bomber in order to reach hypersonic speed in the atmosphere – it travels at five times the speed of sound.

This incredible speed of course makes it impossible to intercept. Besides, Russia is attempting to develop a hypersonic projectile which would not only combine the characteristics of the fore mentioned weapons but also whose trajectory could also be adjusted during its journey.

All of this is no longer science fiction, and we have the right to ask how Russia designed and tested all these sophisticated weapons without drawing the attention of the American intelligence services to it. Three weeks ago, Russia deployed S-57 warplanes here in Syria and tested it on the battlefield, and the United States was convinced until then that this super plane will not be in service before 2025. President Putin’s review of his new military arsenal means that Russia is again equal on the nuclear level to the United States.

The immense progress of Russia has robbed the United States of its first-strike privilege. The technical progress of Russia not only shakes up the world order by unexpectedly restoring a bipolar system, and it will remain so till other forces reach the same stage of nuclear armament, unless the United States finds new defensive capabilities.

This does not mean the ability to destroy Russian bombers in the air, because that seems to be unattainable, but to achieve the ability to control. Therefore, all scientific research will be directed towards the ability to control the communications and centers of enemy leaders, but, unfortunately to the other side: Russia is also very advanced in this field..




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