An Open Letter to the World Council of Churches from a Syrian Arab priest

Gentlemen, If only you did not speak!

Yes, you should have maintained your most weird silence about the heinous war that has been waged by “only” 140 (!) countries – led by the United States of America – against Syria, and is still being waged for seven years now.

Seven years, and you were silent like the graves!

In spite of all what has happened in Syria throughout these years, in spite of the intensity of  the terror, horror and injustice that was enough to wake up even the mummies out of their everlasting ‘slumber’ and get them out of  their graves!

Yes, I wish you would have remained silent like graves!

Wonder what has prompted you to write what you wrote!

You, who sit on your chairs in Geneva, you reminded me of the rabbinical court, called Sanhedrin, who condemned Jesus, and urged Pilate to crucify him.

But do you still remember Jesus? And do you still remember  whathad he meant by the love and sanctity of  the human person, every human being, to the extent that He was prepared to die for them?

Or are the chairs, on which you sit or were made to sit by the present-day authorities of Rome – by which I mean the United States of America! – made you forget about Jesus, and what you pretend to represent in the name of Jesus?


For how long will you ignore the fact that the Security Council, just like the Human Rights Council, and other organizations like them and before them, the United Nations General Assembly, have all been deprived of any legal, moral or humanitarian content by the brutal US Empire ?

How come that you do not know or simply  ignore what this creepy empire has inflicted upon hundreds of millions of people in Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Venezuela, and Chile, and before them in Korea and Vietnam befalling them with despair, injustice, horror, murder, scorching, famine, destruction, and displacement?

Your hearts have been moved for Eastern Ghouta, while you have missed all the horror brought about by the U.S. to  the entire world,  which now faces the threat of a potential nuclear war?

As the world is about to mark the forthcoming Holy Week, in which we commemorate the passion and the suffering of Jesus, as well as  the remembrance of his Resurrection, I can not help but remind you again,  in front of the entire world, of some of what He has said about His death, just a few days before His trial.

He said, as stated in chapter 23 of the Gospel of St. Matthew:

1- “Ye blind guides, who  strain at a gnat, but  swallow a camel!”

2- “ Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, ye hypocrites! For ye are like whited sepulchers (white-washed tombs), which indeed appear beautiful on the outside, but on the inside are full of dead men’s bones and every uncleanness.”

Finally, what can I add to these final statements?

Only these two facts:

First, you all know, in theory, that Jesus, who is by all measures the greatest of the sons of Syria, got slain for all mankind.

The second fact,  you insist to ignore so far is that  Syria who offered such a multitude of her  sons and daughters, to redeem the entire humanity, will also resurrect, and with her resurrection she will bring forth a new world.

Cannot you understand ?!

Peace to you  from Damascus!

Father Elias Zahlawi

Damascus, 18/3/2018



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