Daily Archives: Thursday April 12th, 2018

O Sons of Snakes

By Dr. “Ali Al-Shuaibi”  Now that the Al Ghouta has been liberated, what do you think?You,sons of snakes in occupied Palestine and everyone supported you and followed your dirty plans.OBedouin Arabs,sons of snakes.O cawingfollowers.O tools and poison of snakes, what do you think? What do you think of yourexpulsion from eastern Ghouta? Is it an expulsion ofshame or humiliation and ...

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The story behind “April’s fool day”

When the Muslims were slaughtered and displaced in Andalusia they hid in the caves of the mountains but the Spanish Crusaders wanted to ambush them in a way that was a disgrace to them throughout history ;it is said that the Spanish  have announced that there were Moroccan ships on the southern shores of Spain that came to take the ...

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