When failure can become a motivation for success?

US scientists have analyzed the impact of self-reflection -by individuals after failures in career or life- on humanity .

Scientists at Rutgers University have concluded that analyzing past failures helps people improve their performance in meeting new challenges.

Psychologists advise people who have experienced failures or problems with work or daily life to remain in a good mood because many studies have shown that  when the person handles his feelings in general and  negative feelings in particular through meditation (yoga), or  through writing down what happened with him in his diary, that will lead to very positive results.

Researchers have discovered  that describing and reviewing past failures reduces the level of cortisol hormone aka “stress”. To confirm these results, the researchers chose two groups of volunteers, one of which has recorded in detail, work failures and other daily setbacks, on a diary , while the second group never paid attention to such technique.

Researchers measured cortisol hormone “stress” in the saliva of volunteers, it was found that the members of the first group were characterized by a more positive spirit because of the low level of stress hormone, as they recorded the setbacks of their lives.  researchers also found that the members of the first group were able to analyze their upcoming tasks more accurately and  with a higher spirit than the members of the second group, who did not care about this technique and thus failed in their upcoming missions.

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