Daily Archives: Wednesday April 18th, 2018

Robert Fisk: Dark glass broke and facts began to be revealed in Syria

British writer Robert Fisk said that images of terrorists in the eastern Ghouta carrying weapons, machine guns and mortars with their long beards and black clothes did not appear previously on the media that claimed to be covering the suffering of the population in Al-Ghouta.  “While we saw footage of the suffering of civilians and wounded children in Al-Ghouta on ...

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Lessons Learnt from the Story of Pharaoh

Once, A sheikh came to Egypt and visited the pyramids. When he visited Pharaoh’s mummy, he heard a visitor speaking with the mummy, so he sat down and listened to him while saying, “Pharaoh From you I have learned. Pharaoh, you taught me (ten lessons): First: I have learnt that Allah’s fate and predestination are unquestionably going to take place. ...

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