The National Interest: The World has to accept the Fact of Syria’s Victory!

The US Magazine “The National Interest” published a report written by “Daniel DePetris” saying that it is time for the world to accept the fact that the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad is not going anywhere. The writer said: “The Syrian government campaign in Eastern Ghouta is a metaphor for the how the war has been going for the opposition ever since Moscow decided to deploy its air force in September 2015.”  

He added: ” The rebels, cut off from supplies and bereft of support from external sponsors, are faced with two alternatives: surrender unconditionally in return for relocating to the north, or die,” considering that “the United States needs to base its Syria policy on the premise of Bashar al-Assad staying in Damascus for years into the future”.

The writer asserted that this is not the scenario that Washington wants, drawing attention to the Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s outline of a Syria policy earlier this year, which partly consisted of using U.S. military presence as leverage to move the political process in the country forward. The writer explained that this policy has been overtaken by rapid events on the ground in Syria.

He pointed out that, for President Assad, to negotiate political concessions on Syria’s future at a time when his regime is clawing back territory would be in vain. He added: “Syria’s political dispensation is not a core U.S. national security interest.”

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