Daily Archives: Thursday April 19th, 2018

Major transformations: After the death of terrorists, terrorism itself to be uprooted

By Dr. Ahmad al-Hajj Ali  The  scene  can hardly wait to  tell about all  the underlying contents latent within. It tells about the orderly sequence of successive transformations sending their volleys  of  dimensions with every beam of light being sent by every sunrise. The summation of all of these newborn dimensions and scenes develops the miraculous image of the reality ...

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History repeats itself

Written by: Dr. Khaled Al – Matroud Between the Gulf of Pigs .. and the pigs of the Gulf .. History repeats itself, today is so much like yesterday …yesterday , at the Bay of pigs crisis reached its peck and war almost broke out, but then real-world politics intervened, away from illusions, mitigated the crisis and eased the world ...

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Ghoutadefeat and Colin Powell reduplicate

By Dr. Bassam Abu Abdullah The Great victory attained by the Syrian Arab Army and allies has deprived the United States and its associates from their sleep. The competence, the swiftness and the world-class prowesswith which the Syrian Arab Army accomplished this  blitz military operation was beyond  their conceived imagination, especially that such a military success was coupled with a ...

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