Major transformations: After the death of terrorists, terrorism itself to be uprooted

By Dr. Ahmad al-Hajj Ali

 The  scene  can hardly wait to  tell about all  the underlying contents latent within. It tells about the orderly sequence of successive transformations sending their volleys  of  dimensions with every beam of light being sent by every sunrise.

The summation of all of these newborn dimensions and scenes develops the miraculous image of the reality on the ground.

Till yesterday, Eastern Ghouta has been the hard crux, the sore stumbling bloc and the solid core of the terrorism venture. Many people viewed it as an extremely  hazardous puzzle. They cautioned that this strain is deeply embedded throughout the vast areas of  Ghouta, the fountainhead of grudge and hatred. From Ghouta, indiscriminately volleys of blind mortars and shells   used to be fired  to rain death and poison on  the historical capital city of Damascus and its peaceful civilians. The general view was negatively “romantic”.

It continued to dominate the landscape until the right moment came.

This current moment stimulates its origins from the deep history of the homeland. And from this deeply-rooted origin it writes on the subsequent chapters. The dear sacrifices  offered for the homeland gave rise to a pan-Syrian resurrection that became an amazing masterpiece of history in the making. It became the most powerful and eye-catching icon of our  contemporary world.

It stems its origins and strength from an advanced and dynamic  methodology that has acquired the necessary  art of management and experience to be able to accomplish the nexus of will and management.

The will has been latent in the history of this homeland, in its moral and ethical legacy and in its non-stop aptitude to meet the needs of the realities and to offer the inexhaustible sacrifices that have never been drained dry. The management is the vivid, active and critical mind that manages to encompass the whole pieces and particles of the reality in order to deduce a proper set of priorities and put out an out of the ordinary generation of  good-performance, good organization and an optimal optimization of the homeland’s potentials to streamline them into the right course of confrontation so that progress would be made step by step until all risks and hazards are fully controlled.

This involves, at the same time, the ability to uphold all sublime methods and patterns to repel  this dangerous aggression, the kind of which is unprecedented in the history of world nations or human civilizations. This sinister kind of aggression brought together all forces of evil from all world continents. Over and above, it used and utilized  the state of art western  products of military industries and warfare. Some of the most developed  western technologies and most-sophisticated  weaponry were also deployed.

These weaponry have been developed to annihilate  peaceful peoples in order to coerce them into subjugation to the Western dictate so that these peoples would be reduced to mere  physical properties that can be stolen by the West to build their own material civilization and develop their technological innovations that have been emptied from each and  every ethical value or any humanitarian sense or compassion.

Our priorities were rightly set. We  have attained victory over the terrorists. In itself, this alone might be viewed as a miracle until we realize how great the qualities, the morals and the ethical legacy of our people are. This would explain how this miracle has been made true.

The hordes of savage terrorists  are now collapsing and vanishing, after they have unleashed the entire  hoard of their ugliness and after being fully exposed as mere savages dedicated to death and destruction. Similarly exposed was their direct link and connections to the West, to the Zionism and to Arab reactionaries who have a long record of treason and of subservience to foreign colonials.

The urgent mission now is to uproot terrorism, at the same time as terrorists are being uprooted. Terrorism is an alleged pseudo-intellect that distorts Islam, forges history and an instinct-based aggression on all facts of the universe.

Victory would not be in full, until terrorism itself is uprooted.


Translated from Arabic by Syrianfacts



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