Ghoutadefeat and Colin Powell reduplicate

By Dr. Bassam Abu Abdullah

The Great victory attained by the Syrian Arab Army and allies has deprived the United States and its associates from their sleep.

The competence, the swiftness and the world-class prowesswith which the Syrian Arab Army accomplished this  blitz military operation was beyond  their conceived imagination, especially that such a military success was coupled with a remarkable  success in handling the humanitarian file and the humanitarian approach to the evacuees who left Eastern Ghouta.

This latter  dossier  was meant to be a bargaining chip for forces of aggression to pressure Syria with. They were cherishing the idea of manipulating this humanitarian issue as a sort of bargaining chip. What has happened on the ground was quite the opposite.

Instead of blackmailing Syria, this issue turned into a resounding scandal  exposing these forces. The testimonies of the Ghouta populace, the chemical plants discovered,  the labyrinth network of tunnels linking  various towns with one another  and  sudden collapse of the terrorist  fascist  groups on which they spent billions of dollars all of this  turned the tables in front of their eyes.

The work of years of planning, devising and funding crumbled as a house of cards in one second.   They had been cherishing the hope that these  murders and criminals would perform the roles they assigned them for. For  years, they have been pinning their hopes on a moment  where  their  plans would come to fruition. Instead, they saw all their plans, work tumble down and realized that their dreams were mere illusions and fantasies.

This was too much for them to believe or swallow.

Their dreams turned into nightmares.

The US, the UK, France, the West in general, and their little tails could not hide their grudge or their shock at the “inconvenient”  realities unfolding on the ground with them having little to do other than wailing and lying. So, they took another move and invented a completely different scandal  to frame  Russia. Hence came the allegations fabricated against Russia to accuse her of poisoning the former double agent Skripal in the British town of Salisbury.

And without delay they called for an emergency session of the United Nations Security Council to blackmail Russia. But Russia countered them forcefully.

Then they tried to pressure Russia by expelling diplomats.

So what was the outcome? After 20 days of this story, the Port Down Lab Chief came out to public and announced through the media that the substance  used in the poisoning was identified, but there are some 20 world countries which can produce  such a substance. Consequently, the laboratory experts  can not determine the source of the substance or the country that has  produced it.  This was a big scandal for the British Establishment particularly to the Prime Minister Theresa May and her Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson who blamed Russia for the  poisoning without sufficient evidence and without allowing Russia to take part in a joint investigation into the matter. By doing so, they were viewed as acting like being the Judge, the Jury and the executioner without convincing or incontrovertible evidence.

Their resounding defeat in Ghouts has obviously unnerved the Western Powers. This was all too clear through their extremely hysteric and perturbing reactions, which in turn complicated their situation yet further either in the issue of Skripal, which has been muted, or in their loss of the “humanitarian card”, which can no  longer be used in Ghouta. Therefore, they had to invent a new sensational story  to distract attentions away from  both  Skripal scandal and  their abrupt, yet strategic, defeat in Ghouta. Hence came the new Chemical stunt of Douma. This stunt was  fabricated to be a focus of attention, so that  eyes would be distracted away from Syria’s victory in Ghouta.

In other words it was meant to ease the impact of their defeat on the one hand and to mar the joy and jubilation by Syria and allies over their victory in Ghouta.

The Westerners have simply resorted to their  favorite hobby of telling lies, fabricating stories and practicing their hypocrisy to mislead the international community and the public opinion.

They invented the allegation about a chemical attack in Douma without any evidence, basing their story solely on their own intelligence  arms: the “White Helmets” and the US-made Syrian American Medical Society.

The first is a British Intelligence construct and the second is made by the CIA. A frenzy media campaign was launched by all  the media outlets owned or run by Western, Arab or Gulf  forces of aggression complicit in the war on Syria for years now.

The UN Security Council session dubbed by Russian Permanent Representative to the UN VasilyNebenyzia as a session of “madness”  has laid fully bare the US-Western intentions and exposed their true colors by showing that they were not merely hypocrites and liars but also  thieves and murderers  given the privilege of sitting under the dome of the UN Security Council. In other words, they were the thieves assigned with the task of being the watchmen.

No matter  how many diplomatic avenues were  offered to them by for a sensible cooperation to establish the truth, they would not take any of these avenues and they closed all potential doors to any sensible way forward, because their premeditated  objective  has been set in advance.

They want to embarrass Russia by pushing her into vetoing an unacceptable  draft resolution so that they would say that they would act outside the framework of the UN Security Council.

This has been their objective all along, because they have planned for  an act of aggression in advance, especially following the defeat of their proxies in Ghouta.

With such an act of aggression, they would  boost the morale of their demoralized allies, especially after chasing in from Mohammad bin Salman the cost of this act of aggression against Syria. By accepting such a paid-up endeavor, they seem to be acting like war-profiteering  contractors and armies of mercenaries  serving those who pay more. By accepting such a role, they should no longer be viewed as respectable states honoring the UN charter, the rules of the international law and the sovereignty of world nations.

The UN Security Council session of April 10, 2018 has shown the wide schism and the stark contrast between hegemons and forces of aggression on the one and the new rising nations on the other. Two completely different approaches.

The first ones seek absolute hegemony and domination, while the other seek to establish a multipolar international system based on the premises of the UN Charter, the international law, the respect of the sovereignty of nations, fairness in investigation and rejection of any manipulation of the issues at stake. The rising powers would not rush to accuse a sovereign country with any unsubstantiated allegation without enough proof.

They are apt to counter the unleashed brute force of the West and try instead to identify responsibilities and issue their verdicts on the basis of sensible investigations.

On the other side, we see an unprecedented  level of lies, fabrications and allegations combined with a hypocrite show of false emotions and alleged compassion with non-existence “victims” only to cash in their theft and frauds. They manipulate each and every thing, even UN Security Council resolutions.

To sum it up, Colin Powell has had a comeback. He reappeared in the UN Security Council reincarnated in the shape of a woman called Nikki Haley, who replayed the same old stereotype story, without realizing that the world has changed  and the balance of power has changed.

A new world is being born. It will be given birth in Syria.

A totally different world with completely different vocabularies. Some resolute postures and logical narrative would counter the new-old Colin Powel, who simply replaced the old infamous vial with some unsubstantiated Hollywood-based photos of an alleged chemical attack.( The reference here is made to the infamous  vial shown by the then US Secretary of State Colin Powell  at the UNSC as a presumed proof of Iraq’s possession of weapons of mass destruction to justify the invasion of Iraq in 2003)

At the time of writing this article, no one can tell whether a new tripartite aggression would be waged against Syria or not. Yet, I am firmly positive that they would fail in attaining their objectives. These objectives would fall down one after the other.

Colin Powell’s vial reincarnated in the shape of  fake photos presented by Haley in 2018 will not avail. The world has changed indeed.

The Western refusal to admit this reality would not change the balance of power for which thousands of Syrian, Russian, Iranian,  LebaneseHizbollah fighters, Palestinian, and Iraqi martyrs have  paid for with their own lives in order to create a new reality and a new world, the set up of which and the connotations and effects of which are going to shine no matter how these westerners tried to abort.

Translated from Arabic by Syrianfacts. The article was written on Thursday, April 12, 2018



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