Stings of Hornets First

By Dr. Ali al-Shoeibi

 Faced with the total tyranny of the United States and the contradictory statements as to whether they will pull out of Syria or not, Syrians have no option but to fight. I mean a fighting by the popular grassroots, exclusively.

The Syrians should not bother much about Trump’s whims. Once he says he we are leaving. A while later he would say that the US would stay if Saudi Arabia pays for the expenses of such a military presence. In all cases, Trump does not think about the Syrian people nor about their capabilities or wishes.

The real answer as to whether Trump would be capable to stay in Syria or leave would be up to the popular resistance fighters in Raqqa. Heroic resistance fighters in the Euphrates valley as well as in the northern town of Manbej to the West of the Euphrates have been rallying and mobilizing their ranks as to fight against the illegal US military presence on the Syrian territories.

Trump’s tyranny  and absurdity as demonstrated in his blackmailing  statements to Mohammad  bin Salman that we (the US) would leave Syria unless MBS pays for the bodies and the body bags of US military personnel. If paid, the US will stay. These provocative statements  have prompted some patriotic men to carry out some daring operations that have not even been coordinated with the Syrian mainland. The death trader  thought that  he might scare us, that he might scare the Syrian people and the Syrian Army and the Syrian leadership.

The popular resistance against the US Presence is still a nascent movement that has not grown strong enough. It would attain some tangible fruits only when it manages to make Trump feels that he has got stuck in the Syrian quagmire. But there is a long way to go before such a goal is attained. Anyway, it has taken the first step in the right direction.

In Vietnam, the early stages of popular resistance were  mounted against the allied presence of the US, French, Philippines, Australian, New Zealand, Australian, South Korean, and Canadian invaders.

We, in Syria are to fight against the Turkish, French, US as well as treacherous Kurds.

The Vietnamese Popular resistance  forced the US to  withdraw from Vietnam  on March 29, 1973. The price the US has paid was so high with a death toll  among US troops as high as over 57,522  and some 153,303  taken as prisoners of war.

The US troops who served in Vietnam returned home with so many post-traumatic syndromes and psychological ailments. When the US occupied Iraq, it has been met with a similar  popular  resistance everywhere on the Iraqi land.

The images of Vietnam were invoked again and the American people were haunted with these images, so they decided to get out of Iraq.

Eventually, they will get out of Syria, too. There are now some  early signs of a budding popular national Syrian resistance in Raqqa and its countryside. This new-born resistance would grow stronger until the American people yell to Trump and to Bin Salman: “You have misled  us into a muddy involvement in Syria.”

To these heroes, we say: Set your priorities right. Get your resistance operations well-organized. Try to set some small hit and run operations units.

Sting the stinging hornets. Sting and disappear units would use explosives, would hit some well-designated pin-pointed targets.

Remember that the images of Vietnam are still haunting the Americans. These small resistance operations would only be an initially phase, waiting for the Syrian Arab Army to liberate each and every inch of the Syrian territories from the filth of terrorism. Once this job is done, scorpion stings would follow.



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