Daily Archives: Tuesday April 24th, 2018

Only in Syria

The main characteristics of chlorine gas and sarin gas are as follows: They target children and women only. They do not affect armed terrorists or photographers. They are used a day before the meeting of the Security Council. They are used upon the victory of the Syrian Arab Army. They are treated with water in front of the cameras of ...

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Jews Are a Sect and Not a People

Nasser al-Lahham responds to what Mohammed bin Salman has said about the right of the Zionists to establish a state. Here is the article of the journalist Nasser al-Lahham: “To that Arab leader… Jews are a sect and not a people. The Hebrew press recently engaged in intensive publication of an interview with one of the Arab leaders, who said ...

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New York Times: Mohammed bin Salman is preparing a Settlement Plan that Includes Recognition of Jerusalem as the Capital of the Zionist Entity

The New York Times published an extensive report on Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s plan for a settlement in the Middle East. The Hebrew Newspaper “Israel Hume” quotes The New York Times as saying that bin Salman is preparing a settlement plan in the Middle East that includes the Saudi recognition of the Jewish settlements in the West Bank ...

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