Night of Tomahawk capturing ..

By: Basem al-Shehawi

 If I told you a decade or two ago that a third world country was subjected to a British-French joint aggression with long-range “smart” missiles, and that the air defenses of that “small” country managed to shoot down most of those missiles or derail them , Would you believe me? I do not think so.. Every objective military expert on the this planet knows (or will know very soon) that what happened at dawn on Friday 14/4/2018 is an exceptional event by all standards, an event that will change the martial doctrines and study materials of military academies around the world, and the reason behind that with all simplicity is ” the Syrian air defenses”, how??

Every military and strategic expert knows that the Desert Storm war waged by an international coalition led by the United States constituted the real declaration of the birth of a new world order and that this war was only an opportunity for America to show its military superiority against the Eastern weaponry systems which appeared at the time powerless in front of the Cruise missiles (Tomahawk )and the “intelligent” American weapons. Since then, after this show of the brute American force on Iraq, America has adopted a strategy of destroying the enemy from afar and beyond the scope of this enemy’s defense systems ,or attacking without giving him any opportunity to even defend himself. The American armed forces (along the rest of the Western system) have begun to rely entirely on these modern weapons. Therefore, American military doctrine ,and the Western military doctrine in general, is based entirely on the capabilities of these weapons.

After this introduction, we can now talk about what happened in Syria. The facts say that air forces and naval vessels belonging to the United States, France and Britain all fired at the same time dozens of long-range rockets from the American Tomahawk to the French-British Storm Shadow / Scalp, targeting a small country from the Third World countries that have been fighting for seven years now a war against internationally supported terrorism.

The facts also say that the air defenses of that country was able to drop and (change) the course of most of those missiles and divert them from their goals of destruction !! If this does not raise the astonishment of any military expert, please know, dear reader, that this person is not an expert and is not related to military matters, neither near nor far !.

Because we are talking here about the confrontation between three super powers and a small state that is originally tainted by terrorism! Any military expert with minimal objectivity must come to a shocking conclusion in the light of what happened in Syria’s sky: that any country possessing modern Russian air defense systems (such as the Bantzir-S-1, the Bock and the Bichurra-2M)with a good-trained operating team, has what is sufficient to neutralize the most important weapon in the arsenal of the United States and its allies! besides, without the sounds of explosions accompanying what was happening, he who saw how the Syrian air defense systems were hunting the missiles of the tripartite aggression, would have thought for a moment that he was watching a game on a computer or a PlayStation, and he cannot help but be amazed by the capabilities of those defense systems and the efficiency of its operators !.

The Syrian-Russian jamming systems were also turning the (smart) missiles into blind useless missiles that need someone to guide it as not to stray. History will record that in one year ,Syria’s honorable men have dropped planes of Israel and missiles of America, Britain and France together, which no other country has done over the centuries.

But the Syrians have succeeded in dropping what is much more important: the unipolar world order based on the law of the jungle along with the remnant of the mightiness of   three super powers combined !. Did not we say that Syria would change the whole world?



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