Daily Archives: Friday April 27th, 2018

What to come following the defeat of the fake God’s armies in Syria?

By Yamen Ahmad  The horror that shakes the Zionists up to the marrow of their bones and devastates their souls is the same kind of horror they have experienced when their so-called “faithful revolutionaries” were defeated. It is the same kind of hell fire chewing their bawdy libidinous beliefs at each and every confrontation with a so-called ‘revolution’ aiming its ...

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Finding the Dark Zone that Threatens Humanity

Norwegian scientists discovered the dark zone under the ice cover of Greenland. The zone consists of dust and black carbon. The Dark Zone is a stripe of fast-melting ice zone that causes high level of sea waters which may result in drowning wide-spread coastal areas all over the world, according to Science Alert. It is around 400 kilometers in length ...

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