The Syrian Princess Europa who gave her Name to the European Continent

Here is the story of a Syrian Phoenician king named Agenor, who ruled Phoenicia. His father is Poseidon and his mother is Libya, who gave her name to the continent of Africa. Then the name is limited to Libya known nowadays. The children of this king are his daughter Europa and his son Cadmus, who gave his name to the land of Greece – Cadamiya.

Legend says that Zeus, Lord of Lords and the ruler of the Olympian gods in Greece, heard of the Phoenician Syrian Princess Europa who was known for her beauty and perfection.

Once he saw her from Mount Olympus, he was enamored of her beauty. He came in the form of a bull while she was playing with her maids on the shores of the Syrian Sea.

She was seduced by the god Zeus in the form of a bull, who carried her away on his backto Greece where he announced that he married her.Thus, the continent is named after the name of “Europa!!

King Agenor asked for his daughter, but he did not find her.

He sent her brother Cadmus to look for her.

When he arrived in Taiba, people welcomed him. He taught them the Phoenician Syrian alphabet and established a city of Cadmia and the city of Cadmus, which is still until today on the Syrian coast.

The legend tells us about the Syrian princess Europa and how Greece was named after her and embodied in the figure of the glamorous Europa, the daughter of the Syrian king Agenor. Europa wished to sail to a new land that no one had ever reached before.

The legend tells the journey of the Syrian princess from the coast of Syria to the new land and the other events.

It tells us about the land or continent which was not named before.

Europe has been named after the Syrian princess in her honor.

The legend tells about the princess who moved from her country Syria in the form of a goddess to an unknown world. She got married to God Zeus and gave birth to her children with him and each child ruled a city later.

The story also tells about Musikhaus of Alexandria 1800 BC. When Alexander the Macedonian came to Syria, he showed great respect and love.

Syria was considered the birthplace of his ancestors and he established a city near the Euphrates called Salihiyah which exists to date.

We find Europa today on the European currency of 2 €. One of the moons of Saturn is also named after Europa.

O Syrians, keep your heads up with dignity… As you are the masters and lords of Earth.

  • Source – Mythology (Edith Hamilton)



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