Finding the Dark Zone that Threatens Humanity

Norwegian scientists discovered the dark zone under the ice cover of Greenland.

The zone consists of dust and black carbon.

The Dark Zone is a stripe of fast-melting ice zone that causes high level of sea waters which may result in drowning wide-spread coastal areas all over the world, according to Science Alert.

It is around 400 kilometers in length and 100 kilometers in width.

The black carbon provides nutrition for the dark algae that gives the ice a special color, as a result of which the ice sheet loses its feature of sun reflection.

In summer, these are plentiful and the algal bloom takes off. Because algae are dark in colour – they reinforce the dark zone.

Thereby you get a positive feedback effect where the ice sheet absorbs even more solar radiation producing yet more melt.

Meanwhile dust, black carbon (soot from wildfires and combustion) and algae are responsible for 73 percent of the variability in albedo.




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