What to come following the defeat of the fake God’s armies in Syria?

By Yamen Ahmad

 The horror that shakes the Zionists up to the marrow of their bones and devastates their souls is the same kind of horror they have experienced when their so-called “faithful revolutionaries” were defeated. It is the same kind of hell fire chewing their bawdy libidinous beliefs at each and every confrontation with a so-called ‘revolution’ aiming its guns in the same of direction the Zionists missiles do aim at.

To breathe the spirit of resistance in the Syrian earthen core, which has once been meant to be hijacked and steered into some sectarian and separatist alignments, is interpreted by Tel Aviv as a sort of defeat for the Zionist Jews.

The Talmud-indoctrinated Jews can not stand seeing the land recover its Syrian soul. To them, this would be a foreboding signal that the land of Palestine would spit them out of their corrupt selves. The collapse of their blood barricades around Damascus renders their fortifications around Tel Aviv more vulnerable.

The man-made entity is falling from its grace. This entity that degrades itself  from its fictitious image as “God’s chosen people” into a community crumbling in shock and awe at the sound of the first missile piercing their Talmud and punching the sky blanket over their heads, would have little to awaitfor, when the hell goes loose over them,  than going down intooblivion. The Occupation forces are foreseeing their downfall.

They are conducting an existential comparison between their man-made entity and the Syrian people, who faced an unprecedented war the likes of which never witnessed in the history of mankind, yet emerged victorious. This fact prompts the enemy to realize its own demise.

The enemy knows more than anyone  that the Syrian men of resistance are  crushing the fake entity called “Israel” in each epic-like battle being fought on the Syrian land.

The enemy sees very well that the deluge of Syrian victory is unstoppable and it would not recede until the Syrian Golan Heights are fully liberated.

So, will the Golan Heights be really liberated !!!

Since  Bernard Henry Levy’s ‘revolution’ ever been triggered, we have never heard a Zionist official saying: “ The ‘revolution’  should forget about the Golan Heights”. None of them ever said: “Abo Mohammad al-Jolani” should forget about the Golan Heights”.

Such messages have been and are still being  addressed  only and solely to President Assad. Because President Assad  has never veered off the right path of his true battle with the real enemy. President Assad’s guns never missed their direction.

The enemy addresses messages to President Assad because they know very well that their battle is with him, not anyone else in Syria. The filthy and naïve media tries to say otherwise and try to present an inverted perception of the reality.

When Netanyahu and other occupation officials talk about the Golan Heights on more than one occasion, they address their threats to President Assad.

During his visit to the occupied Golan Heights in 2016, Netanyahu asserted: “Assad must forget about the Golan Heights” !! This is the secret code (that need to be deciphered).  So, what might the belligerent forces of aggression have read about Assad’s vision???

After eight years of war, the global landscape can hardly hide the features of defeat inflicted upon an enemy trying to hide its face.

This enemy has been awaiting for its “revolution” to attain a ‘victory’ in Damascus. But the global crime was doomed.

It has crumbled at the walls of Damascus. Its fall has compounded the Zionist horror and aggravated their fears.

Their worst nightmare is the fear that the Syria’s victory would rebound and stream towards an extremely sensitive geography, namely the Golan Heights. The “Jewish” mind is focused on reading the changes currently unfolding on the Syrian land. The intelligence brains of the Zionist enemy have their own way of reading.

They do not read data the same way other security services apparatus, either in this region or world-wide, do read. To them, stability of the occupation hinges thoroughly on the presence of the destructive element within the body of their enemies. For decades, they have been working hard to brain-wash these elements and to inject into their minds this exotic brand of criminal ex-communicating type of ‘ideology”.

They view the presence of this destabilizing  militant so-called “revolutionary” element as a sort of guarantee for the stability of the occupation.

We know that NATO, Israel and their associate US vassals are encircling Syria from all directions. Yet, when we are destined to fight this existential war, we have no option other than been engaged in this confrontation, which seems to be inevitably coming.

At the same time, there is a war of stability. This war is essential to secure a safe base for the Syrian economy to rest upon, lest Syria be thrown into the sphere of economic influence. Dear Syrian: Your victory has no bounds. It extends beyond the vast landscapes of this universe. So, be sure that YOU  are the only truth the filthy world fears. And remember that the fake gods are destined to fall down in front of you.

Translated from Arabic by Syrianfacts



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