Daily Archives: Sunday April 29th, 2018

Al-Assad and Timos

By Dr. Ali Al-Shuaibi The story of the reed flute as mentioned in Jalal Al-Din Al-Rumi’s volume about knowing God, the human wake-up call to self-construction, the return of the soul to its creator, and the construction of a distinctive Islamic civilizationis based on the story of the whining reed flute at a beautiful divine night. All this and more ...

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Behold “Jeremiah” if you are not sure

By: Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi What proves to us that this is the era of “Israel” ? it’s a mere talk that can be proved only by what Zionist America is preparing for to strike north of occupied Palestine ; land of the great Syrians. Here is it Zionist America preparing its poisonous arrows , but Russia has an open eye ...

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