Al-Assad and Timos

  • By Dr. Ali Al-Shuaibi

The story of the reed flute as mentioned in Jalal Al-Din Al-Rumi’s volume about knowing God, the human wake-up call to self-construction, the return of the soul to its creator, and the construction of a distinctive Islamic civilizationis based on the story of the whining reed flute at a beautiful divine night.

All this and more is manifested in the epic separation of the reed flute from the reed bed, inspiring the epic separation of the man from the Lord who breathed the breath of life into him from His own spirit.

The reed flute complains cries and expressesthe pain of parting. The reed flute whines to express its longing for returning to the source from which it was separated. Al-Rumi says in Persian:

( بشنوازني جون شكايت مي كند واز جدائيها حكايت مي كند كزنيستان تامرا ببريده اند . درنفيرم مرد وزن ناليده اند ).

This is translated as follows: (Hearken to the reed flute, how it complains, lamenting its banishment from its home: “Ever since they tore me from my osier bed, my plaintive notes have moved men and women to tears).

The human being is overwhelmed withdeep longing for returning to its creator who breathed life into him of His own spirit.

However, during their  return journey, the returnees have to enjoy special qualities; the nostalgia which exceeds that of a traveler, the longing which goes hand-in hand with nostalgia, as well as, beauty, creativity, pride, strength, dignity and mercy.

There are many feelings that come over man every time he hears the whining of the reed flute, and the feelings aroused in the morning are different from those aroused at night.

Each and every whining is derived from the greatest whining and longing during the journey back to God. The innate nature bestowed by God upon man tends primarily to freedom.

The whining continues to motivate and inspire the man towards perfection. The whining is repeated again and again with passionate and wistful longing during the journey back to God.

The tears also pour down the cheeks of the people who know God, filled with the sighs of their deep love for Him; it is divine love. This strange adoration in space and time is the essence of man but not every man.

Whining is looking for someone understands it. Only those who know God understand this whining, which arouses worries and tears, aspiring for going back to the divine breath.

It is the most beautiful thing that helps the human being bear the pain of this love.

Listening to the whining of the reed flute brings tears to the eyes of those who know God and whose hearts are inflamed with this divine love, saying with words broken by sobs, “O, my Lord, get me back to you, to where you created me.

” The louder the whining is, the more the lovers’ hearts are inflamed with desperate longing and passionate love.

The man who seeks to return to God can only do that if he dares to go through a journey filled with secrets, pain and whining.

Thus, during the man’s journey back to his Creator, he changes andpurges himself in search of the Honor that Plato calls (Timos).

The Syrians represented by their leader, army and a people have fought a purging war against terrorism and Takfiri forces.

The whining of the martyrs is the song of Honor which they sang to their Creator, and the whining of their wounds is a heavenly hymn.

The Syrians remain strong to fight for their(Timos), which once given up, Trump and his thugs will stop fighting them.

Greetings from Damascus

Dr. Ali Al-Shuaibi, who strongly asks God togive Timos to his Leader, homeland army and its honorable people .



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