Behold “Jeremiah” if you are not sure

By: Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi

What proves to us that this is the era of “Israel” ? it’s a mere talk that can be proved only by what Zionist America is preparing for to strike north of occupied Palestine ; land of the great Syrians. Here is it Zionist America preparing its poisonous arrows , but Russia has an open eye that threaten to follow these arrows and even to address them with its sharp arrows , toughness and its naval and land battleships that roars like a lion.

And here are the Syrians for seven years and a half still standing like lions roaring in the face of the terrorist “tools” that got weakened till they collapsed on Damascus’ skirt; al-Ghouta . all the world knows now that brave Syrian have been roaring for seven years now like the sea, all of this will come back on the Zionists and their uncle ” Bin Saud” , a painful atmosphere will surely reveal, they will try to burst a dusty storm to spread darkness as wide as possible to cover the Syrian light.

You Zionists! You know well our Syria and our Arabism! A proud Arabism, a nation that is full of pride , a nation that you can’t learn its language but you know well that your end will be on its hand, this is not a threatening, it’s a simple reminder , and as long as your Trump is the creation of Zionism you must remind him of what is written in your book(Jeremiah 5: 14) : “Behold, I will bring a nation against you from afar,

O house of Israel,” says the LORD.

“It is a mighty nation,

It is an ancient nation,

A nation whose language you do not know,

Nor can you understand what they say.  Their quiver is like an open tomb”.  Syrians are strong, they’ll destroy with their sword your fortified cities, so do not try them once again because that would be a shame! Didn’t learn the moral when you saw  what happened to your “tools”? Didn’t you see a sword shining between the lines of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah speech? Didn’t you see the swords shining between the statements of the leader Assad, although he is the saint of love and peace? Please open your eyes and try to understand, and silence your drums of war and go back  with what is left from them , as all of your drums was crushed on the hands of the mighty Syrians and their friends .

your aggression edifice can be clearly seen collapsing from the martyrs’ tower and from the beds of the wounded patients.

You Zionists have come to a very new reality, you plotted , conspired and gathered your tails and made them bark as loud as they could in order to destroy Syria, but the sword of war uncovered a mighty nation under this box of war’s dust , and so you ran to your old testament to read (Jeremiah) to find out that what was written was a ladder for you to get down from your tree of arrogance.



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