Fall of partitioning and federalization plots

By Dr. Bassam Abu Abdullah

 The tripartite act of aggression waged against Syria on April 14 by a trio ofMajor Western powers was the straw that broke the camel’s back. It laid bare and totally exposed the true nature and the ill-intentions of the alliance of aggression, together with all of their regional and local tools and stooges. Instead of scoring a success, the missile strikesturned out to be a miserable failure. A state of confusion and embarrassment has reignedin their political, diplomatic and media circles as they started to look for “alternative options”.

The Tomahawk missiles were hunted like birds and downed in scores by the heroic Syrian Air Defenses. And the popular  reaction shown by the Syrian people has been amazing. They showed yet more unity and rallied yet firmer and stronger behind their Army and behind the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad.

Washington is embarrassed looking for a swift exit from Northern Syria, as the US President Donald Trump said he wants to do.

Several considerations might be behind this option, some of them have to do with therealities on the battlefields and some others because of certain internal US reasons. But mainly due to the dead-end their military intervention has met.

They are unable to exact a game-changing shift in the field nor are they able to flip the equations baptized by the blood of thousands of martyrs from the resistance axis, foremost of whom the Syrians. At the same time, Washington is trying to fill the vacuum that would be left once its troops are withdrawn. To do so, it came up with a curiously freaking proposal: It suggests that some so-called “Arab forces” be sent and deployed to Northern Syria. This was the same freaking proposal previously made by the genial Emir of Qatar Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani in the early stages of the war on Syria. Ironically enough,  the proposal was welcomed with enthusiasm by  the Foreign Minister of Al Saud Kingdom.

He warmly hailed the proposal and expressed preparedness to see it through without thinking for one single minute as to “how” he may do this. He seems to have forgotten that his army was unable even to defend their own borders with Yemen and that his Kingdom has moved the defeated remnants of the “Wahhabi army” from Douma to the Yemeni-Saudi borders to defend their masters there.

This has taken place once the Syrian Arab Army has managed to cut off the hands of Mohammad bin Abdul Wahab in Doumaand loaded his “tentacles’ on board the green buses. So that the lads serving at the Saudi ‘Royal’ Court would understand that there is no place for them in Damascus.

In Damascus, the decision-making is purely Syrian. (the reference here is made to the victory attained by the Syrian Arab Army over the terroristic ideologues who  follow the Takfiri teachings  of Mohammad bin Abdul Wahab, founder of this distorted brand of Islam).

Washington knows that its associates are capable of funding the mercenaries just as they did previously funded DAESH (ISIS), al-Nusra and others. But they have no armies, no top brass Generals nor foot soldiers for own homeland to defend or belong to.

What they have are (fake) “Crowns” in a land of oil and corporations. These are not countries. They have no roots, no history, no culture to belong to.

They are just some fragile sand kingdoms and Sheikhdoms.

Their utmost pride in history is a “trouser and a flip-flop sandal” left behind by a late King purported to as “the Founder of their Kingdom”. So, what do the American rely upon? For its part, Qatar has beseeched the Turks to provide it with protection.

It had opened its lands and put them at the discretion of the Americans so that they may use these territories as a Launchpad for their acts of aggression against Syria.

The forces it has are solely enough to protect the Emir and his entourage. No more no less.

If the Americans are rooting for a potential Egyptian involvement, they should reckon that Egyptians would not be prepared to take up such a role. The Egyptians have an open relationship with Damascus and they would never have the stomach to engage in fighting with the Syrian Arab Army. True that their  recent attitude towards the three-way aggression on Syria has left much to be desired.

True it was pale and lacking, unfit for the Egypt we know. But the Egypt we know seems to no longer exist. It should have acted in line with its roots and history. However, Egypt today seems to be unable to unfetter herself from the shackles of the Western-Saudi axis. The margin of maneuvering left for her seems to be extremely narrow.

Washington’s rooting for the formation of so-called “Arab forces” is not only a curiously exotic and suspicious option, it is  doomed to failure in advance. Washington is a de facto force of foreign occupation in Syria. So,  what right  a foreign occupation force has to invite another force of occupation to replace it?

What kind of idiocy is this that runs counter to anything  customarynorm in international relations. Yet, it is not that strange to see something of the sort be proposed by President Donald Trump who comes with a new freaking idea every day either in terms of the internal US affairs or in terms of international relations. However, this will not change the course of the evolving change dawning or about to dawn on the international relations, no matter how Western powers of hegemony tried to prevent it. If the defeated and crisis-hit Washington’s allies are trying to re-produce their roles in the Syrian equation, I think that they have already lost such a role and lost the ability to influence the situation on the ground. Their lackey mercenaries and terrorist  groups are collapsing everywhere.  With the fall of these  tools, which have been deployed either  under  religious or ethnic banners, to enforce the sinister schemes of partitioning and/or federalization, these sinister schemes are doomed now and have zero chance of coming to fruition.

The political fronts used to promote this scheme have swallowed their tongues on the eve of the aggression. After seven years of sustained acts of aggression, they fancied that their masters in the West would destroy everything to bring them to the chairs of  a pseudo-government, as lackey mercenary rulers prepared to do whatever their masters  ask them to do.

The remnants of such an illusion that they have cherished for  years vanished and evaporated with the last fragments of the downed Tomahawks, exposing  them yet further and uncovering the ugliness of their faces  yet further. It showed what sort of morally corrupt they are. It was a resounding political fall of their scheme, showing their true colors as stooges ad traitors.

This plain and straightforward message is being equally addressed to the delusional dreamers of a federation or an autonomy in northern Syria. To them, I say: The Americans are not staying here for long. They will pack their bags and leave together with all of their soldiers, defeated and undesired, as  usual. And as usual, they will leave behind their tools and will spit on them because they failed in accomplishing  the assigned missions and goals. So, you better  bathe in the Euphrates waters tenth of times to cleanse yourselves from the adulterations of collaboration with the invaders and occupation forces. You better redeem your souls and try to reunite with the sons and daughters of  your homeland and your true people to work together for the future of an independent, sovereign and freewill Syria. Be sure of this: Those  who root for illusions will harvest  nothing but illusions.

On the 14th of April, 2018, the Syrians brought down all the illusions of  portioning and/or federalization, by downing the missiles of aggression. Anyone who has not understood the new equations yet, is advised not to try to outsmart anyone and not to resort to deceitful  maneuvers to trick us. It may take some time. And we might still see some acts of maneuvering, but the delusional dreamers  should wake up before it is too late and before finding themselves evacuated together with their suspicious  schemes on board of green or  perhaps black buses.

The color of the buses  really does not matter.

Translated from Arabic by Syrianfacts. The article was written on Thursday, April 19, 2018



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