Daily Archives: Tuesday May 1st, 2018

Triple aggression and the end of war on Syria

By: Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi  Anyone who digs in the depth of the triple aggression against Syria ,will see that something was missing, and deeper he gets :the more he can read behind the Syrian position , a political matter that wraps a dangerous military matter. On the night of the aggression, I was alerted on the roof of the building ...

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A Shoe of a Syrian Child is Older than the Gulf Kingdoms

This photo shows a shoe of a Syrian child that dates back over 1800 years. This shoe which was made of leather is kept at the museum of the American University of “Yale”, and it belongs to a Syrian child from Dura-Europos city. Dura-Europos was a port of the kingdom of Palmyra on the Euphrates. The Carbon analysis showed that ...

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