Triple aggression and the end of war on Syria

By: Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi

 Anyone who digs in the depth of the triple aggression against Syria ,will see that something was missing, and deeper he gets :the more he can read behind the Syrian position , a political matter that wraps a dangerous military matter. On the night of the aggression, I was alerted on the roof of the building where I live. When silence was all over the place, I was astonished.

I hurried down the stairs. I wanted to see something related to the aggression, and thus I saw the press conference; I focused  my attention on the Secretary of Defense and the Commander of the US Army, There were two apparent shared movements between the two men and other movements in common, the two movement were that the two men exchanged positions in front of the microphone , the Secretary of Defense started presenting an incomplete idea that is full of lies , lies that can be revealed by the lie detector, and feels that he is so obviously exposed, and when he feels like almost speaking a word of sincerity, he rushes back to lies while Commander of the US Army can do nothing but stepping up  to try to patch some part of the dilemma – if not dilemmas – which he found himself trapped in and all of this in front of media professionals who were stunned by such a press conference.

But what caught my eye as a national observer  afraid on his country from this aggression , was what I saw when I observed the eye’s movement of the two men , as each eye of their four eyes was dazzled looking for a way out to escape from the truth! Not all the Syrian people were asleep that night, the majority of people were alerted that night , any observer that night must have seen how the people went out to squares and streets since 5 A.M in a state of defiance that raised the readiness of the people before the army and made this people reinforce their  position from their  leader and their Syrian Arab army, people realized that President al-Assad was able to preserve the Syrian sovereignty decision and that he was a great leader who wins by using the power of reason, sincerity, follow-up and courage, and that after his triumph over  agents came the time he triumph over the triple aggression.

besides people realized that the army high speed to get rid of the terrorists in eastern Ghouta and departing them , was to be able to focus his attention on Yarmouk camp and al- Hajar Al-Aswad and the rest of the terrorists’ nests.

It is simply necessary to recognize that the defeat of the 40-minute aggression launched by the world’s most powerful countries on Syria failed and showed that this aggression will not be repeated, and that in its turn generated a very negative reaction among the agents of these countries inside and outside Syria, while our blessed army realized that what he did has broken the back of these agents ,and without catching its breath it turned to finish what is left from these terrorist agents in the south of Damascus with full determination to take back all the south without paying an ear to what news agencies is talking of a new US plan to cut the Syrian south within the scheme of America and its effort to divide Syria, an American dream that was broken on the feet of the Syrian army, which swore that it will maintain the one unified Syria, and our brave army will achieve what he has sworn on, after our army directed a devastating strike to the “master” and its “agents” and disciplined both, now it can turn to Idlib  and beyond till it reaches the east.

All of this is happening very fast , and the triple aggression ad an effective role in accelerating it, if you asked any Syrian citizen: what can you see in the horizon? He will answer: can’t you see that they played all their Aces? It’s our time now to play our cards .. it’s about  time for fighters to get some rest…



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