We know them from their traces

By Dr. Ahmad al-Haj Ali

We can identify the nature of the historical event that constitutes a quantitative and qualitative transformation in the course of  the world’s march by examining and identifying the forces involved in this conflict and by measuring the time span the aggression has taken.

Over and above, we identify it in the light of the outcome and the subsequent fallouts being currently unfolding, primarily,  in Easter Ghouta and consequently in the international attitudes and relations.

The analyses and viewpoints that characterized the war of aggression against Syria as one “a little  bit less than a Third World War” proved to be true.

An accidental or unintentional event could have indeed taken place risking an undesired  escalation of  the ongoing conflict into a new global war. Hence, we have to stress on two key issues:

The first one is represented by this amazing national Syrian performance, at the heart of which were the military battles won  by the Syrian Arab Army and the Syrian Armed Forces. Generally speaking, this is the key criteria on which to relyin exploring and analyzing what has really  happened. This is also the key premises on which to rest in analyzing the outcomes which have now transpired and become totally clear to the entire world.

The Syrian Arab Republic  has managed to present the entire world, with all its contradictions, a vivid example of   the strong will, determination and legitimacy of countering the aggression. It has demonstrated an illustrative model in the vividness and dynamism in fighting some of the most hazardous and ferocious political and military battles, yet retaining the hereditary and deeply-rooted  noble  values and ethics handed down to them from their ancestors generation after generation.

All while at the same time acquiring new experience and able to develop yet more elements of modifications and development to continuously improve this military and political structure while engaged in this raging conflict.  In this sense, the Syrian homeland has become an international pictogram dictating the course on which the search for potential solutions to this entire crisis should proceed along.

The second  matter that should be given prominence in the process of characterizing, analyzing and reaching conclusions about the dimensions of this struggle for Syria should be viewed in the light of the revelations that transpired in the wake of the battles  fought in Eastern Ghouta and elsewhere. These revelations affirm the truthfulness and the correct characterization by Syria of this entire war.

The scenes that have transpired are shocking. One would not believe the existence of such an incredible mass-up and armament stockpiled by the various terrorist  groups.

The labyrinth of such huge network of tunnels for logistical supply and other usages are simply too shocking to believe. They proved to have maintained  while hospitals, whole  death plants  manufacturing  canons, mortars and other vicious projectiles of  indiscriminate death all beneath the surface of the earth. The huge infrastructure of this death cult indicates that the terrorists  deployed to wreak havoc on Syria were meant to stay for ever.

Now, by realizing these two key issues, we, both in our  homeland and around the world, may safely assert that the determination of resistance and the inevitability of the triumph of right against evil would surely prevail.

Translated from Arabic into English by Syrianfacts



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