Daily Archives: Friday May 4th, 2018

A Former UK Ambassador to Syria: We Must “Swallow Our Pride” and Move Towards Re-establishing Ties with Bashar Al Assad.

Andrew Green, A former UK ambassador to Syria, called upon the Governorate of the United Kingdom to “swallow its pride” and re-establish ties with the Syrian authorities led by President Bashar Al-Assad. In an interview with “The House Magazine” Green saidthat President Bashar Al-Assad is “here to stay,” noting that the United Kingdom must establish ties with him. Green explained, ...

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“White Helmets” the Pentagon’s arm in Syria

Translated and edited by: Rachel al-Deeb An article published by “New Eastern Outlook” pointed out that the “deep state” in Washington is trying to prolong the war on Syria and blocking any possible formula for understanding between Washington and Moscow to end the crisis in the country, Although ISIS terrorist organization was defeated in Syria in terms of the decline ...

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An Invention Restores the Normal Functions of the Damaged Organs

Scientists from Tomsk State University (TSU) together with the university research and production enterprise MIT created an incubator made of titanium and nickel compound, which is introduced into damaged organs to restore their functions. According to the Russian “TASS” News Agency, scientists patented the new incubator for the introduction of cells into an injured human body. The incubator ismade of ...

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