An Invention Restores the Normal Functions of the Damaged Organs

Scientists from Tomsk State University (TSU) together with the university research and production enterprise MIT created an incubator made of titanium and nickel compound, which is introduced into damaged organs to restore their functions.

According to the Russian “TASS” News Agency, scientists patented the new incubator for the introduction of cells into an injured human body. The incubator ismade of thin filaments of titanium nickelide (nickel and titanium compound).Thanks to the new production method, the new version of the incubator is more durable and accommodates more cellular structures, which makes it 1.5 times more efficient.

The incubator is made of filaments of a titanium and nickel compound with a thickness of 25−40 μm. Additionally, such an incubator, having the same volume, holds 1.5 times more cells and its service life is 1.5 times longer as well.

Professor Gregory Dambaev from the Siberian State Medical University says, “After adaptation phase, the cells inside the incubator begin to replace the functions of thepartially or fully damaged organ and create a therapeutic effect.Over time, they become more effective, with blood and lymphatic vessels growing in their structure, and almost at the same functional level of normal organs.”

  • Source: “TASS”



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