“White Helmets” the Pentagon’s arm in Syria

Translated and edited by: Rachel al-Deeb

An article published by “New Eastern Outlook” pointed out that the “deep state” in Washington is trying to prolong the war on Syria and blocking any possible formula for understanding between Washington and Moscow to end the crisis in the country, Although ISIS terrorist organization was defeated in Syria in terms of the decline of its destructive combat capabilities and the decline of the scope of its control, but the crisis is not over, the US war machine continues to ignite it directly and indirectly.

The article stressed that Washington’s refusal to withdraw from Syria proves that its war on the country has never been part of the American agenda of “defeating terrorism”, in the event that such an agenda really exists , in fact the reason was – and still is- more linked to regional geopolitical policy, as the recent tripartite aggression against Syria proved once again that the geopolitical policy and the imperatives of “containing both Russia and Iran” remain the main driving forces that make the United States stick to the presence of its troops in Syria.

 the article added: ” The West appears to be shaken by the “horrors” of the alleged chemical attack in Douma. This madness reflects the way the American war machine manages the “horrors of war” to keep the economy afloat  on one hand and to keep the region engulfed in conflicts and crises on the other one. The article pointed out that in conjunction with the start of Trump talk about the withdrawal of US troops from Syria, the Pentagon was preparing, as reported in the Western media, to send dozens of additional troops to the country, but this the step hindered by the desire of Trump, and to prolong the war The “White Helmets” was turned on and the “Chemical” play appeared again, the latest manifestation of the hostile propaganda war under the guise of “humanitarian services”.

Source: ” tishreenonline.sy



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