A Former UK Ambassador to Syria: We Must “Swallow Our Pride” and Move Towards Re-establishing Ties with Bashar Al Assad.

Andrew Green, A former UK ambassador to Syria, called upon the Governorate of the United Kingdom to “swallow its pride” and re-establish ties with the Syrian authorities led by President Bashar Al-Assad.

In an interview with “The House Magazine” Green saidthat President Bashar Al-Assad is “here to stay,” noting that the United Kingdom must establish ties with him.

Green explained, “The current reality is that the Assad’s regime will remain in power. His forces have made decisive progress on the ground, strongly supported by Russia and Iran, both now key players in the region.”

“As for ourselves, we will not get a sensible strategy for Syria unless we come to terms with our instinctive rejection of Al-Assad regime,” he added, “It is high time, therefore, to take an objective view of the Syrian regime and of our interests in the region. Our major interest is the liberation of the Syrian territories controlled by ISIS and its allies. We need to be clear that Islamic extremists are the greatest threat to our own society since the Second World War.”

  • Source: “syrianownews”



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