Daily Archives: Sunday May 6th, 2018

Trump’s new, nice and smart missiles on display in Russia

The US Department of Defense has seen ‘no verifiable proof’ to support Russian claims of having in its possession intact Tomahawk missiles captured in Syria. The Pentagon Spokesman Eric Pahon dismissed these claims as “absurd”. He even went as far as describing the Russian General Staff statement as misinformation and refused to admit there was a failure in the selection ...

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Long-range Syrian missiles hit the French system and the “teenager slave” Macron !!

The Syrian policy has directed a new blow to the French ” teenage follower” in Paris.. According to the description, before the French presidency could finish procedures of stripping President Bashar al-Assad of the Legion of Honor medal , Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs was steps ahead by returning this medal which was given by former French President Jacques Chirac ...

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