Long-range Syrian missiles hit the French system and the “teenager slave” Macron !!

The Syrian policy has directed a new blow to the French ” teenage follower” in Paris..

According to the description, before the French presidency could finish procedures of stripping President Bashar al-Assad of the Legion of Honor medal , Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs was steps ahead by returning this medal which was given by former French President Jacques Chirac to the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad during his visit to Paris in 2001.

But in more accurate words, Syrian presidency threw the medal in the face of the “slave” Macron.

The reply issued by the Syrian Arab Republic on its tweeter was a shock and a major insult to the French system. The reply came: ” The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants – through the Romanian Embassy in Damascus which is representing France’s interests in Syria- has handed back to the French republic  the medal of the Legion of Honor of the Grand Cross that was given by former French President Jacques Chirac to President Assad during his visit to Paris in June 2001.

Handing back this medal to France  is meant to assure  that  president al-Assad is not honored by wearing  the award of a “slave country” to the US that supports terrorist groups in Syria and attacks a Member State of the United Nations in flagrant violation of the basic rules and principles of international law … The era of colonizing and enslaving peoples is over..

The Syrian people, who have stood up and stood with their army to fight terrorism for seven years, will not be intimidated  by fanatical boyish policies. “

It can be said that using words such as “not honored by” , “boyish policies”,       ” teenage politics” and “slave” in the diplomatic tradition is most insulting . and of course here we’re talking about the method of diplomatic discourse and not the discourse of the backstreet boy Trump.

  • Source: firil.net



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