Trump’s new, nice and smart missiles on display in Russia

The US Department of Defense has seen ‘no verifiable proof’ to support Russian claims of having in its possession intact Tomahawk missiles captured in Syria.

The Pentagon Spokesman Eric Pahon dismissed these claims as “absurd”. He even went as far as describing the Russian General Staff statement as misinformation and refused to admit there was a failure in the selection of targets when the trio of aggression launched a missile strike against Syria. “On the claim the Russians have an ‘intact’ Tomahawk, we have seen no verifiable proof, other than statements made to Russian state-owned media,” Pahon said in an interview he gave to CNBC TV channel. “If such a claim were true, we certainly would have seen proof by now.”Russia is using a disinformation campaign, Pahon claimed.

Russia did not wait long to respond. It refuted with facts the misleading US allegations, the least to be said about them is that they  have been meant to under-estimate the public intelligence.

Earlier on Wednesday, Russian General Staff Main Operational Directorate Chief Sergey Rudskoy announced that Russian specialists were examining missiles of the US-led coalition captured in Syria, including Tomahawk cruise missiles, which had been handed over to the Russian military.

The Russian Staff Command  held a press conference during which it showed pictures of  fragments of several winged naval missiles, including  the US-made Tomahawk cruise missiles, the UK-made Scalp and Storm Shadow missiles as well as some French-made missiles.

These are Trump’s “Nice & Smart” missiles, the press briefing stated.

Some of these captured missiles were almost intact and in somehow good shape, a Russian military expert said.

This shows that the Syrian air defense systems have downed these missiles, he added.

Only 22  out of the 103 to 105 missiles  fired by the tripartite Western alliance have indeed  hit their  targets in Syria. This shows how ineffective the US “smart” missiles are,  a Russian military top brass told reporters.

The source: Syrianfacts



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