The Gulfiesbracingto liberate the Galilee -A cafe for the Angels and the Jihadists of the Spade King

By Naram Sargon

This scene is extremely ridiculous. To see this, mocking and ridicule should not be saved for the Gulf society alone – this society which fancied itself as a community of  avant-garde pioneers  championing an intellectual and revolutionary epoch to rule over the eternal capitals of the Orient. Just because one day, they stumbled upon a well of oil in the desert, they falsely thought that they have been the authors of Gilgamesh Epic or  have found the Elixir of life and the water of immortality.

This scene defies the tallest beard and the largest turban of any of these “Islamist” Jihadists. This scene was not shot from Monte Carlo nor from San Francesco. Look at it, each of the individuals featuring in it dons the traditional costume of the oil-rich Gulf. It is enough to look it to smell the scent of oil, shoddiness, laxity and laziness. One can even smell the stinky camel urine odor gushing out of the exhale of those present in this place.

This a scene coming from the same “faithful” Gulf community that is sending us Jihadists and donations to mosques. They also send battalions of Angels to fight against us, then go to card-game cafes to observe the God’s Sharia being enforced.  They play cards and leave to  their Jihadists and suicide bombers the task of preaching Islam in the greatest capitals of the Orient and in the heart of the human civilization. This scene  challenges all Fatwa-makers, all bearded clergies and all similar  articulates starring at religious TV channels to preach Islam and to tell Muslims  how to observe the  teachings of their religion and how to ex-communicate them and brand them as infidels (Kafir). It identifies the features of the infidels, their names, their localities and even their blood group. It sets the date as to when they would be slain, how they would be slaughtered and how and when their wives would be raped.

So, if any one of you happen to walk through one of these Gulf cities, let him please tip-toe lest he or she disturbs these  spiritual mystics and pious believers who spend their day and night in worshiping and in praying for Islam and Muslims to prevail. They spend their days and nights in reading the Holy Koran, exceeding thereby Sayed Hassan Nasrullah in his preoccupation to  prepare for the liberation of the Galilee.

This scene is being secretly shot from a training camp in an oil-rich country, where fighters are training to join the ranks and move for the liberation of the Aqsa Mosque and the Galilee, lest Hizbollahliberate  these areas  before them.

In the Gulf, there is no Jaish al-Islam (Army of Islam) so that these would be asked to dig tunnels for he jihadists. There is no Jabhat al-Nusra and no Jihadist avant-garde of the Muslim Brotherhood. Al Moheysini and his father never come across these pilgrims to brand them as “infidels”. My worst fear is that our sons would soon see such a paper-army playing their cards inside the Holy shrine of the Kaaba, turning the pages of the Holy Koran into playing cards, just as the words of God revealed in the Holy Koran were  turned into a game being played with by the so-called Sheikhs of Islam, Sheikhs of various sects and Sheikhs of the Muslim Scholars Union. These are  the sore fruits of the paper Sheikhs and paper princes and Emirs of the Gulf. These are the fruits of the King of the Spade, Mohammad bin Salman. God is Great.

Translated from Arabic by Syrianfacts



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