After the defeat of the fourth generation wars in Syria .. wars of the fifth generation(the bovine policy) are launched

By: Naram Sargon

Whenever weapons  die, nations , times and wars using these weapons die too, whenever a war ends , its weapons die along with it , and history waits the birth of a new weapon that carries with it other nations and new kinds of wars…

We should therefore not view the Great Syrian War as merely an international conspiracy. It should be seen as the culmination of the era of the Fourth Generation wars, which reached its end today when the west announced the end of this era that has been used by the west as a lethal effective  weapon against other nations since the seventies …

a weapon that America was the first to use it in the battles of Afghanistan and transferred by France to Algeria in what is known as “Black Decade”  where local population become rebels in the streets or become an army that volunteer to fight national armies that oppose America or do not agree on its projects to shed their blood without venturing American soldiers and weapons ..

It turned out that the war in Syria has broken America’s terrible weapon and shattered the myth of the wars of the fourth generation; the pride of the American military industries, which opened to America dozens of countries and gave them amazing victories without losses ..

This weapon was not possessed by anyone in history .. A weapon that kills your enemy without the need of fighting him  ..

This type of war was adopted in Central America , in Africa and in the Islamic world. The Arab Spring was an upgraded version of the Fourth Generation wars where the terrorist organizations were doing their dirty work while covering it with glossy wrappers, as elegant envelopes of explosives manufactured by the US Department of State, calling them “civil opposition” to cover the violence and savagery practiced by these brutal organizations, but this dual weapon was destroyed in the Syrian war  where the armed wing of the armed terrorist forces transferred by America to the region was destroyed .

The war revealed that members of the Arab opposition are only poor employees waiting for their salaries , allowances and retirement from the US State Department .. Thus the end of the era of the fourth generation wars in its old and updated versions was announced unexpectedly  due to  the opposite attack launched by the axis of resistance on the American jihadist weapon, which was destroyed by Russian weapons and the Syrian army and its allies ..

This cooperation between the three forces was a new drug and an antidote to confront US weapons of the fourth generation .. And the death of the weapon or its collapse frightens the empires that depend on it and therefore it starts quickly to search for new deadly weapons .. Hence we can understand the reason for the American proposal to place Arab and Islamic forces in the Syrian east ..

It is the first recognition that the time of the fourth generation wars has ended by the arrival of the Wars of the fifth generation  which is a similar version of the fourth generation, but instead of the terrorist organizations they are trying to imitate the Russian tactic that succeeded in Syria ..

Russians provided air cover and the Syrians and their allies advanced on the ground .. America is looking for the same partnership today, but the absence of national armies pushed America  to hire armies and turning them into

Armies of mercenaries while air –supporting them, that’s why a new weapon was quickly produced ; the weapon of wars of the fifth generation: the bovine policy which is treating allied armies as cattle herds to be slaughtered on the fronts. This is the first time armies have been fully hired and transported as cow herds to fight for another country, besides it’s a process that is outside the scope of hiring armies through UN that acts as a proxy in such deals ,just like The Jordanian army, which participates in all the operations of the United Nations forces and act as peacekeeper while in fact it is a force that is left at the guard posts on behalf of the US military and NATO…

talking about this,Trump has demanded that his troops withdraw from the Syrian land, on the condition to be replaced by Arab and Islamic forces, by that Americans manage the conflict from behind the curtains without being in confrontation.

Here, the League of Arab States and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation can form the smokescreen and replace the local opposition that has an expired role . .

Every American president has his means, wars and theories. As Obama launched his Muslim Brotherhood project from Istanbul and Cairo as an advanced form of the Fourth Generation War, the features of Trump’s wars and theories has emerged since he expressed his desire to slaughter cows after milking them .

here is Trump today seeking to sacrifice Arab oblations during the withdrawal of the American body to escape the conflicts and test a new model of conflict based on” cow slaughtering” , Trump with his hunch and given data is aware now that the Syrian state will soon be ready to deal with its occupying forces after it has come close to destroying most of the terrorist strongholds. He is too smart to stay and face this ordeal with an expert country at hunting strangers , especially that this country is eager to avenge him..

He is preparing for this and packing his bags .. But he is putting in battle his new theory and his new weapon .. The stage of the fifth generation of wars .. Generation of leased or enslaved armies.. or we can say ” cow-like” armies..

It is our destiny to make the destinies of history and the fate of wars when they are made on our land..

what matters to us is that all these theories of war along with their weapons will break down on our land , besides , the new generation of wars will enter the field of Syrian death ..

the cowboy will escape from the massacre waiting for him .. And he will try to leave cows and cattle for their fate and their graves ..



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