I Will Write in the Future…!

By: Dr. Ali Al-Shuaibi

Logically, man cannot write in the future. As an Arab poet has said, “The past is already gone, and the future is not yet here. There’s only one moment for you to live, and that is the present moment.I think those who read the past and present well can write in the future.

OurArab history is full of conflicts because of the different religious opinions “jurisprudences”; great internal and external conflicts.There were serious conflicts even within the same sect. For example, the Hanbali School of Jurisprudence was against all other Sunni schools.

When we said that these conflicts were “serious”, we meant thatmuch bloodwas shed in the streets of Baghdad and other Arab and Muslim countries.The Wahhabis, who claim to belong to theHanbali School until now, still consider all Muslims as infidelsexcept Wahhabis. There were also sectarian conflicts between other sects and schools of jurisprudence!

These conflicts have left Muslims and Arabs in permanent and constant state ofbackwardness.Unfortunately, our era is controlledbythe Arabs’ enemies.They occupied us for a while and looked deliberately at our reality and our present. Therefore, they knew for certain that our Achilles’ heel lies in our religious conflicts.

As a result, they set up plans for us and established the parties that are necessary to sow the seeds of dissension and to ensure that we keep killing each other and accusing each other of infidelity.They also claimed that they alone have the truth that will set us on the road of development and progress.

Conflicts and exchanging accusations of infidelity weaken the nation and drag it into cold and bloody wars.Religious media has had a significant impact on stopping development, progress and growth. This reveals the reason behind Arab advancement in the 1930s and the setback of this advancement thereafter.

The Muslim Brotherhoodwas behind this setback, wherethe number of religious parties and mosques increased.Every day, the printing press was publishing a lot of religious books; all crying the ruins of the Arab-Islamic past. All of which are keen to reveal only the brightside to incite the civilizational–defeated Arab society and to say to it,“If you want a bright Arab society, you only have to follow the path of the Islamists.

The British and American intelligence continued to manufacture and fabricate religious parties and throw them into the Islamic and Arab streets.It did not also forget to develop Wahhabism that is British in origin.Salafi parties emerged one after anotheruntil the number of religious parties in the war on Syria reached more than 100 parties. They all claim to be the path of salvation.Moreover, from time to time, a college kid comes outwith an Islamic manuscript of jurisprudence or an interpretation that increases the Muslims’ conflicts.



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