How do you know that you do not drink enough water?

By Dr. Athar Harrazi

How do you knowthe amount of water your body needs?

Symptoms of water shortage in humans:

  • Quick feeling of tiredness and fatigue.

  • Pale face and lack of vitality and freshness due to dry skin and the appearance of wrinkles and spots.

  • Increased level of tension and stress.

  • Headache, dizziness, lack of concentration and perhaps feeling of dullness.

  • Joints pain due to their stiffness and roughness of cartilage.

  • Increasing fat building (cellulite).

  • Poor circulation and cold limbs.

  • Indigestion, bloating and lack of food benefits.

  • Bad breath smell.

  • Frequent infection of colds.

  • Severe dehydration causes the eyeball retracts inside the skull and a blur in vision.

You can know the amount of water needed for your body!! Just multiply your weight by 30 (then divide the result to 1000) to get the number of daily liters needed or divide the output to 250 ml to get the number of daily cups. For example, if your weight is (50) kg:

50 x 30 = 1500 / 250 = 6 cups;

or 50 x 30 = 1500 / 1000 = 1.5 Liters

Then you need a liter and a half of water i.e. (6) cups of water. If you drink while you are sitting: all harmful deposits will go out of your body, including the deposits that cause kidney stones and sands.

Water should be drunk on three pints: When you drink and stop for breathing, the body takes oxygen and gives insulin to the body, which protects from diabetes.



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