Let’s Geneva Talks Go to Hell!

By: Dr. Ali Al Shuaibi

People in Syria follow the Syrian Arab Army while fighting the takfiri terrorists and driving them out of the places, where they found haven under the shadows and names of mosques minarets, fromwhom the religion is completely innocent.

The army is moving forward and achieving victory and the people are all eyes and ears on the Syrian TV channels. The houses of the Syrian are completely quiet during the News, something even the children learnt. Whenever a new neighborhood or region is liberated by the Syrian army, you hear the loud voices of God praising and glorification.

The green and white buses are now part of the children games. The march of victory goes on and the voices of God praising and glorification gets louder.

The question now: after the liberation of the south of Damascus, what is next? The Syrian, without thinking, reply: The south of Syria, which once liberated and it will, our army will be heading to Edlib. On the way to Edlib, the army shall destroy the spots in Talbeseh and Rastan.

Edlib will take some time but it will eventually be liberated. This is the great Syrian Arab army that will organize its internal and external affairs and head north and east towards Raqa, the city of welfare. The liberation of Raqa is inevitable.

In light of the victories achieved by our army and its allies that are led under the command of our sovereignty preserver President Bashar Al-Assad, every inch of Syria shall be liberated. We do believe in this and it is a matter of time.

If we turn to the economic aspect, which should be practically taken into consideration, we notice that all the lands that were liberated by the Syrian Army are agricultural lands, which means self-sufficiency and export capability that shall result in prosperity.

If we take the Gas wealth into consideration and the contracts that have already been concluded and started to be implemented with Russia, we will have a financial relief as we say in our slang language. The prime ministry has to follow up and activate the commercial contracts with Iran and through which work to reach India and Pakistan;all this in line with the commencement of the factories running in Aleppo, Hasya and Damascus Suburb.

This puts us on an acceptable commercial track in comparison of the previous period. We have always talked about fighting terrorism in one hand and making peace in the other.

After liberating the vast majority of the Syrian lands, we can say that the equation has changed.

We foresee it as follows: we shall go on liberating the remaining parts of our land, at the same time; at the same time we shall activate the production chain.

The door is open for whoever wants to repent from the blasphemy of treason and betrayal. As Syria achieved victory in the past eight years it will move forward either achieving victory or prosperity in the coming days.

All this was drawn up by the blood of the martyrs and the whining of the wounded soldiers, and let’s Geneva talks go to he ll!



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